Privacy & Safety

Q: When might my child be asked to provide personally identifying information?

A: If your child chooses to share their progress with another person(s) (ex. their parent, teacher or friend), they will be asked to input the email address of that person(s). The system does not store or retain email address information. The email address is simply used to create an email message containing a link to the child's game process. The email address is discarded from system files after the email is systematically created.

Q: How can I find out what information you have about my child?

A: We currently collect no personal information other than gender, state, and username and password (when the user registers, they choose their own username and password). We also ask the user to provide and answer to a secret question, for password retrieval purposes. You may contact us for a complete list of any information we have associated with your child. Since we will not have a listing for your child's first and last name, address, etc., we will ask for your child's username and password, and a telephone number at which you can be reached.

After determining that you are the parent or guardian, we will send a list of all information we have collected from your child. At that point you may request to have some or all of it removed from our database.