About NCSL


NCSL, founded in 1975, represents the legislatures in the states, territories and commonwealths of the U.S. Its mission is to advance the effectiveness, independence and integrity of legislatures, to foster interstate cooperation and facilitate the exchange of information among legislatures and represents legislatures before the federal government.

In addition, NCSL is committed to improving the operations and management of state legislatures, and the effectiveness of legislators and legislative staff. NCSL is proud to offer a wide variety of resources for state legislators and staff, who are the face of state government for most of their constituents. Legislators and staff inhabit a unique space to interact with citizens and to promote engagement and participation in all levels of American Democracy. NCSL serves as a resource for those that want to learn, or share more, about representative democracy and the role of legislatures. Learn more at: www.ncsl.org/civics.